In August 2016 I joined the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation as its Program Officer for Scholarly Communications. In this role I help manage and monitor the program’s grant portfolio, which addresses several key areas in scholarly communications, including preservation, electronic publishing, and access and library services.

Previously, I worked at the Penn State University Libraries as co-department head of Publishing and Curation Services, a digital scholarship department, and I managed user services for ScholarSphere, Penn State’s institutional repository for sharing and preserving scholarly work, including research data.

This site gives a glimpse into what I presently do. It also describes my prior work experience, educational background, research interests, committee service, and professional development activities.

In other words, here I tell you a little about myself.


Cyanotype of botanical items from Thomas Smillie Collection, Smithsonian B/w photo from 1880 showing children on the beach Old postcard-like picture of skyscrapers of lower Manhanttan

One of my favorite online resources is The Commons on Flickr, from which the above images are taken. They reflect some of my likes–the sea, cities, and the outdoors.


Excerpt from “Dreams,” by Wisława Szymborska

~ translated by Clare Cavanagh and Stanislaw Baranczak ~

So what can they tell us, the writers of dream books,
the scholars of oneiric signs and omens,
the doctors with couches for analyses—
if anything fits,
it’s accidental,
and for one reason only,
that in our dreamings,
in their shadowings and gleamings,
in their multiplings, inconceivablings,
in their haphazardings and widescatterings
at times even a clear-cut meaning
may slip through.